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London's Drama Club Guest List and Table Booking 2017


The recently opened Drama Park Lane has already gained a blast of popularity in London's club industry. It is a night club located on the site best called as Whisky Mist just next to the Hilton Hotel which is near Green Park. Drama park Lane changes everything you think about London night clubbing, as it has a reputation of huge success giving fun and excitement to clubbers and shakers of London. As with any other high-end London night clubs, it requires being on the guestlist and table booking. You can book with us now and experience a great night clubbing experience with your friends in Drama Park Lane.


Drama Park Lane is proud to accommodate 300 people with an amazing venue that makes it so unique, standing out from other high-end club scenes in London. It has a gold room and the walls made from Japanese cut figurines and New York's banana-scented wallpaper. In order to enhance your experience, there are inspired art features along the walls for one of a kind and adventurous clubbing experience ever! Champagne is being served in neon supermarket troll\\eys! Drama Park Lane is featuring Funktion-one sound system, maximizing your club experience. The place promises an eclectic music selection, and DJ's are all around the place to entertain you all night long. If you are planning to have a private event, you may want to check out their famous Gold Room, which is an intimate room just located within the club and is treated like a VIP.  Join the Toy Room guestlist!


Drama Park Lane is really busy especially starting 11:30 PM, so for a smooth entry, come at 10:45 PM. Drama Park Lane's guestlist entrance policy is fair but not as relaxing as other clubs. You have to be on the Drama guest list to earn exclusive rights to get in. You can inquire here if you want to book Drama guestlist and table booking. The prices depend on your group size, the type of table you prefer and the gents and ladies ratio. Learn how to access the Drama guestlist.


The rate may also increase on special artist nights, and are higher on peak days (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). The signature night of the week is Sunday nights. The prices of tables typically start from GBP 1000 minimum that can evenly spend by mixed groups of up to 10 people. For table booking and to be included in the guest list, feel free to contact us directly or check the details below. For more facts and information regarding nightclub booking, you can go to